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Webinar Title: Managing Epilepsy in Practice

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Epilepsy affects around 0.6% of the canine population, with the majority of those dogs being affected by idiopathic (presumed genetic) epilepsy. These cases can be very rewarding to treat, however a proportion can be refractory to treatment and therefore pose more of a challenge. In this webinar we will discuss the diagnostic process for epileptic seizures and delve deep into what the options are for management emergency, stable and refractory epileptic patients.

Learning Objectives:

  1. Understand how to go about diagnosing Epilepsy: Discuss the diagnosis of epilepsy, including when referral may be recommended and when management in general practice is appropriate
  2. Be familiar with the treatment of idiopathic epilepsy: Outline the current recommendations for treatment of idiopathic epilepsy, both in an emergency and maintenance scenario
  3. Understand the mechanism of action of antiepileptic drugs: Gain a deeper insight into the mechanism of action of the antiepileptic drugs, in order to maximise success of treatment and follow up
  4. Discuss the other options available when the drugs don’t seem to work

Who Should Attend:

  • Veterinary Surgeons
  • Veterinary Students

Why Attend:

  • Understand how to diagnose epilepsy.
  • Familiarise yourself with the treatment of idiopathic epilepsy.
  • Understand the mechanism of action of antiepileptic drugs and what to do when drugs do not work.
  • Learn from an experienced veterinary neurologist.

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