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Webinar Title: Lower Respiratory Endoscopy in Small Animals: principals of airway evaluation, TTW, BAL and interventional techniques (balloon dilation, stenting)

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Lower respiratory endoscopy is a useful diagnostic tool to evaluate the airways for the presence of mass lesions or foreign materials and dynamic or fixed anatomical changes, while retrieving samples for cytologic, microbiological and histopathologic assessment. The most frequent indications for tracheo-bronchoscopy are acute or chronic cough unresponsive to standard medical therapy and unexplained radiographic lesions.  The procedure requires the induction and maintenance of general anesthesia, thus optimal oxygenation is mandatory.

Learning Objectives

  • Instrumentation and choice of the ideal bronchoscope for lower respiratory endoscopy in dogs and cats
  • Patient preparation and anesthesia protocols for premedication and maintenance
  • Monitoring during bronchoscopy procedures
  • Optimal Oxygenation during bronchoscopy- oxygenation techniques and devices
  • Indications of tracheo-bronchoscopy and complications
  • Bronchoscopy procedure step by step: mapping the tracheobronchial tree
  • Normal and abnormal endoscopic findings in tracheo-bronchoscopy
  • Blind and endoscopic BAL
  • Transtracheal wash
  • Interventional techniques (balloon dilation, stents)

Who Should Attend:

  • Veterinary surgeons
  • Veterinary students

Why Attend:

  • Refresh your knowledge.
  • Build confidence in performing a successful lower respiratory endoscopy procedure
  • Acquire inputs on optimal monitoring and oxygenation
  • Reduce your anxiety on challenging cases of interventional/ therapeutic procedures like tracheal stenting or balloon dilation of tracheal stenosis
  • Learn from a renowned and experienced speaker tricks and tips to reduce your complications rate

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