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Webinar Title: How to handle, restrain, examine and sample pet birds and reptiles

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Knowing how to handle, restrain, examine and sample avian and reptilian exotic pets.

This webinar will introduce you to the basic steps of handling and restraining safely the most common species of pet birds and reptiles. Afterwards will guide you through the proper procedure to perform clinical examination and then through the most frequently used sampling techniques in order to achieve your diagnosis. Panos Azmanis will guide participants through the techniques, sharing practical tips and expert knowledge gained from his extensive experience.

Learning Objectives:

  1. Techniques for restraining and handling pet birds and reptiles: Gain familiarity with the common exotic pet species, how to handle and restrain them safely both for the animal, your technicians/nurses and yourself. Panos Azmanis will share proven techniques to ensure step by step approach.
  2. Basic clinical examination of pet birds and reptiles: Learn the key principles of clinical examination in pet birds and reptiles without risk of injury or excessive stress. Panos Azmanis will delve into the critical factors influencing the clinical examination and how to make the most out of it quickly and safe.
  3. Basic sampling techniques in pet birds and reptiles: Develop a comprehensive understanding of how, where and when collect various samples from birds and reptiles. Panos Azmanis will highlight important anatomic differences, sampling materials, preparation, sampling techniques and sample preservation allowing participants to confidently identify differences from small animals (dogs and cats) and obtain reliable samples.

Who Should Attend:

  • Veterinary Surgeons
  • Veterinary Students

Why Attend:

  • Introduction to common avian and reptilian pet species
  • Step to step introduction to handling and restraining of these species.
  • Build confidence in basic clinical examination and sample collection to allow work-up of clinical cases.
  • Learn from a renowned and experienced speaker.

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